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How to Change Computer Name and User Account Name in windows 10

There you go with the replacement of an default computer names as desktop pc to some of yours personal computer name, here we are sharing the information that how easily you can make the replacement and make it easy for you to recognize yourself in the home-group.

While seeking things in windows 10 is bit easier with the start menu again back to same as earlier, just keen into settings and move yourself in the about.

Settings > System > About:

name 1

Here by getting into the above shown window you can click on the Rename this PC and change the name easily and restart the windows to make the changes successfully and give your computer your authenticated name.

This is the only method which can make the possible changes easier and you can easily follow up the steps and once you direct yourself to the above shown image, then you are no miles away to your destination just hit the button and make the changes for yourself. Authenticity is being framed in the computer name and wont be confusing yours identity in the home group as well.

How to change User account name in windows 10?

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User account name Is the default Microsoft username entered in the validated outlook or Microsoft registered email id. So there is possibly only a single way to change the user account name in windows 10 , it is the default name which flashes just before sign-in in the windows .

Press Windows + I or simply move into windows Settings.

After moving into settings go inside the accounts where you can find yours Microsoft login name and below this image can be easily related.

name 2

You have to click on Manage my Microsoft account and then you will be redirected to the browser, where initially you have to key in your credentials and then while moving into your info you can make the changes.

Once you are done with the changes, press submit and after all the submission system will for the restart. Save the ongoing process and restart the windows to see the changes done successfully or not, this Is the simplest and easiest way to make change your user account name in windows 10 and won’t even need any advanced features to learn this, simple and clear steps  to be followed and make the possible changes in no time.